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The intent of „Find Your Profile” is to present the beauty of diversity of people across the globe which by its mere existence enrich, fulfill and give meaning to all spheres of life.
In a creative, attractive and somewhat unusual way, through numerous diverse pieces of art-work, the exhibition* aspires to give inspiration to all art lovers and in a unique way illustrate the interconnection and equality of people worldwide.

Authors: Belma & Dino

* During the Conference there will be a possibility to buy  chosen profile for charity purposes. 


On behalf of Lithuanian Sports University and World Association for Sport Management (WASM), we would like to express a warm welcome to join us at the 2nd WASM World Conference in Kaunas, Lithuania, from the 20th-23rd June, 2017.


This WASM World Conference will bring together scholars, practitioners, professionals, and students from around the world to share expertise, knowledge, and new ideas about the global venture of the sport business. The conference theme is a focus on sport business practice, issues, collaboration, networking, management, and marketing of sport business in a global marketplace, which offers a platform for the international exchange of ideas, best practices, and scientific inquires.

Prof. Dr. Karen Danylchuk, WASM President

Prof. Dr. Irena Valantine, WASM Conference Chair